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Workshop for the Partnership between the University of Tokyo and the Stockholm Trio

February 20th-22nd, 2023

The fifth joint workshop was held face-to-face on Hongo Campus in Tokyo.

Preparations were carefully and flexibly pushed forward through inter-departmental collaboration, and the plenary symposium on the first day (the programme is shown below) was attended by about 170 participants.

The plenary was followed by three days of cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary and multimodal research topics. “The Brain & Society”, “Biomaterials & Nanocellulose”, “Gerontology & Living Lab”, where young researchers, postgraduate students and companies shared their research results through numerous presentations.

The Stockholm University Group is using the ‘Trio’ framework created by this partnership to create new collaborations with European countries. For this reason, not only the ambassadors of the two countries, but also the EU ambassador, took part in the keynote speeches.

The breakdown of participants in the plenary symposium was as follows: 137 pre-registered (66 in Sweden and 71 in Tokyo), 9 on the day, 14 staff and others, and 47 registered for the webinar, showing the advanced and interdisciplinary approaches of both countries in various fields in a full house (occupancy was limited due to disease control measures).

Links to PDF-versions of the programme including Research Themes:

General programme

Research Theme 1 The Brain and Society

Research Theme 2.1 Biomaterial

Research Theme 2.2 Nanocellulose

Research Theme 3 Gerontology and Living Lab

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List of Speakers and Coordinators