The major events for the Partnership have been interdisciplinary Workshops for professors, researchers and graduate students to bring together persons from the cooperating universities and also from different research fields. We also involve people from other institutions and companies.
The Workshops have switched between taking place in Tokyo and in Stockholm except during the Covid-19 pandemic when we resorted to meet on-line only.

Below are listed all UTokyo – Stockholm Trio Partnership Workshops organized since 2017 with links to the programmes

Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development within
the UTokyo-SthlmTrio partnership
Stockholm, 28-29 September 2023

2023 Workshop Towards a Sustainable Future – the University
and the Wider World
Tokyo, 20-22 February

2021 On-line Workshop on Sustainable DevelopmentOverview
Stockholm University, 27-28 September

2020 On-line Workshop on Sustainable DevelopmentOverview
KTH, 28-30 October

2018 Workshop on Multidisciplinary collaboration for sustainable development
Tokyo, 28-30 October

2017 Workshop on Active AgingOverview
KI, Stockholm, 20-22 September